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Surface: Caoutchouc Kraiburg
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Your TrueForm Runner

Comparison TrueForm Runner vs Trainer

Both the Runner and the Trainer have a very smooth waistband and the shallowest curves on the market, which is essential for promoting a healthy, balanced gait. Our shallow curved running belts also have the least inertia, so they are safe and easy to control your speed. This will be important for group classes so that the belt does not accelerate too much.

More generally, the Runner is handcrafted in CT, overbuilt as a 100% all-metal construction tank, and hand-welded. The result is that it feels heavier underfoot; it's calmer. It is highly sensitive and provides organic feedback for good posture and gait. It's the best treadmill you can buy.

The Trainer is a lighter version of the Runner built in our Korean factory. It is also heavy duty commercial grade but made from lighter materials. It's a bit easier to use because the belt is also lighter. This is a value-added version of the Runner. It has all the benefits of the Runner, a heavy duty formed and welded sheet steel frame, shallow curve, super smooth Reactive Belt Technology (RBT), heavy duty axle assemblies and an easy to use screen.

TrueForm Trainer


Wear your cleats or racing spikes on sport-specific treads. TrueForm Runner is the only treadmill to offer an artificial turf, running track and proprioceptive surface called Naboso. The grass is available in green and black. The race track is available in red and blue.

Artificial turf

The surface is bonded to vulcanized slats that closely align with the curvature of the treadmill to form a nearly seamless running surface. Allows treadmill cleats to be worn during warm-up or higher intensity training. For field sports such as soccer and football, the TrueForm Runner mat with artificial turf surface will allow athletes to warm up on the touchline or stay warm between play periods, in a running motion that mimics normal body movement and muscle engagement during sport. physical activity (compared to using an exercise bike). Standard grass green color (optional colors available to special order).

Runway surface

The 7.5mm synthetic track surface is bonded to vulcanized slats to create a true outdoor artificial racetrack experience. Manufactured by ECORE, this running surface combines a durable 2.5mm wear layer of vulcanized EPDM rubber that is fusion bonded to a performance 5mm base layer. The result is a balanced distribution of force reduction and energy return for fitness and conditioning applications. Allows you to wear running shoes with running spikes for sprints, distance runs and interval training. Wear resistant, scratch resistant, spike impact resistant and extremely durable. Standard red and blue color available.

Proprioceptive surface called Naboso

Bring the power of Naboso® technology to your facility in the form of our proprioceptive flooring. For the first time, it is possible to create a truly evidence-based barefoot training zone or proprioceptive rehabilitation zone within your facility.

Made from the highest quality RBEVA and designed with our patent-pending textured technology, Naboso® flooring enables more effective neuromuscular training, proprioceptive rehabilitation and improved foot-to-core activation rates.


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