V Triceps Pushdown Bar

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If you really want to build your triceps with a triangle cable pull up bar, this is the one for you. This professional style v-shaped triceps exercise bar features high quality steel construction with a bright chrome finish to prevent rust and corrosion. Knurled rubber-coated gripping surfaces on the ergonomics are comfortable and provide ample hand space. Buttons on the end help maintain your grip and are perfectly placed. The hook in the middle of the bar fits most lat bar cable system connections so you can use it at home or in most gyms. Compatibility: Works with any machine with a hook to connect sidebars of different types. Design: V-shaped handles and knurled surfaces for comfortable and secure gripping positions; Flat knobs on the end prevent slipping Usage: Use it to perform a variety of lateral exercises to work your triceps and lats through pulling and pushing motions. Heavy Duty: Heavy duty steel has huge weight capacity; Chrome finish prevents corrosion and rust

V Triceps Pushdown Bar



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